Thursday, 28 June 2012

More Fantastic 'Perryness'!!

I'm back after somewhat of a horendous year that saw me possibly having a terminal illness only to find out many, many months later that i am, in fact, OK!

Well, they've  gone and done it to me again have they not? As soon as I come to to make some sort of decision about what precisely i am going to to with their Wars of the Roses and European armies ranges they go and bring out something quite unexpected that sets my mind into overdrive; just what am I going to do? Wars of the Roses? Burgundian Wars? War of the Public Weal? then up pop the new Late 15th Century Italians!

Italian Clergy, Condottiere (based on Umbero Uccello's painting of the Battle of Ravenna, Italian command on foot and a Corraccio to boot!