Friday, 20 July 2012

It's Decided!

In the time it took to write my last post, which was actually banged out a few minutes ago, a decision has been made. Although my health has suffered of late I think a goal outside of the medical establishment is called for.

The Battle of Fornovo Demo Game it will be!

For those not too familiar with the battle I've included a few pics below and also a Wikipedia (sketchy at the best of times- but not too bad as a general outline) link here.


  1. An interesting battle and many different troops to paint. I will follow this new project closely, Darrell !


  2. looking forward to seeing how this project unfolds, best of luck Pete

  3. Looking forward to see this projekt of yours grow in to some thing spectacular !

    Best regards Michael

  4. An excellent decision, and very much looking forward to your first italian units. Do you have a timescale in mind?

  5. Fornovo sounds like a great idea for a demo game. I'm impressed by the Perry's Italians too and they've certainly given me some insiration too.