Thursday, 30 August 2012

...... to all the staff in the Plastic Department of North Durham University Hospital for saving my thumb and thus allowing me to enjoy my hobby again and thus continue with my dream job!

My thumb has healed extremely well, the stitches melted away without any problem, the incision is very clean and all I have to worry about now is to remember to apply some moisturiser every now and again to stop the dry skin around the wound from flaking and getting very itchy!!

A job well done IMHO.

Sorry for the crap quality of the pic, it was taken at 5:30 this morning and I was a bit groggy and half asleep.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Early Byzantine/Late Roman Army for Sale/A Blast from the Past

This army is still up for sale after I'd lost contact with the buyer. 

Buyer pays postage and I insist that if it is bought within the UK or the EU then it must be insured ie Special Delivery, Internationally Signed For.

Here are the datails:

This army has won "Best Painted Army" at a couple of events. All the miniatures are very well painted and are of a high standard. The army was all painted within three weeks before one of the WAB events (Beyond the Golden Gate organised by the guys at Gripping Beast and hosted at GWHQ if anyone's interested?). As such, the army is not in my usual painting style but that's not to say that a great deal of man hours have not been spent painting the army- rather, I just dropped everything and spent three weeks painting it up.
I'm looking for £800 for the whole army as one job lot.

I can deliver the army to Cold Steel at Gripping Beast HQ or arrangements can be made to post the army- which will of course be very well 'wrapped up' and I can get a quote on the postage as soon as I have a prospective buyer. 

As well as posting to the UK I'm happy to send the army overseas (Japan, USA, Europe etc) but as it's such a large consignement I would insist on the army being insured which the buyer would responsible to pay.

Cavalry mini's work out at £15 per figure 
Infantry at £4. 
(Skirmishers are free)

If you're interested please PM me or send an e-mail to:

Here's what you would be getting for  your money:

Late Roman Comitatus:

Late Roman Bucellarii Unit 1:

Late Roman Bucellarii Unit 2:

Hun Horse Archers Unit 1:

Hun Horse Archers Unit 2:

Late Roman Infantry and Archers:

Late Roman Skirmishers:

Pretty much a bargain.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Stitch in Time Saves?

Well eight actually!

Just a quick update on my thumb!

Had it re-dressed yesterday and the nurse says it's healing very nicely and I no longer have to hold my hand upright all the time- a great relief. Bad news is that I still can't use the thumb until the surgeon has removed the dressing and checked things over.... could be worse though not being able to do any work is driving me up the wall.

Next post should see me back in action!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Slice of Luck!

OK. Been for a cracking surprise holiday thanks to my other half Sabrina. The sojourn was in celebration of the fact that I've 'survived'  two consecutive cancer scares! Well done, time to crack on some might say?


We all know the rule about always drawing a knife away from your body, yeah? How many times have you forgotten this and pulled the blade towards your body? In my case I very rarely do this, except on Wednesday at 6pm when cleaning up some miniatures I broke the golden rule and payed the price big time, slicing deeply into my left thumb down to the bone. Ouch indeed! So, I cupped my hands quickly moved like lightening to the bathroom to avoid staining the carpets (I know!) whilst shouting for Saby to bring a bandage upstairs so I could stop the bleeding that rapidly filled my hands and overflowed into the basin! This she did with a tea towel! With the potential risk infection from the tea towel I, having realised that I had happily missed the vein and although the cut was very deep, it wasn't going to make me pass out like a big girls blouse!

A&E then. I was very surprised to hear the practise nurse tell me that she had made an appointment for me at the Durham Plastics Department at the University Hospital as she was worried that I may have cut into the nerve and also the tendons! It quickly dawned on me that in my line of work this could spell doom as I could lose the dexterity of my left hand! A sort of panic set in......

Pic of the original dressing and one worried looking self.

Next day started early with what I assumed would be a long day. It was........ I got to the hospital at 8am and was still there waiting for surgery at 5:30pm. Luckily the excellent staff in the Short Stay Surgical Department had opened up another theatre as my wound was considered to still be an 'open wound' and the possibility of infection of the tendons was high. Now, bearing in mind that I've had two major cancer scares I'm not a fan of hospitals at all and as the day went on my anxiety grew, especially when they finally called my name out! To be fair the surgeons were great, after a local anaesthetic, they checked for nerve damage; none was there though I did miss the anterior interosseous branch of the median nerve by 1mm!!!!! If the cut had been 1mm in one direction I would have lost any meaningful dexterity in my left hand and possibly the use of my thumb! One very lucky lad really. It was then a general cleaning of the wound to make sure that the tendons were sterile etc and they bandaged me up and popped me into recovery!

Oldish nurse excellent 'moring' dressing.


Post op dressing

An interesting couple of days if you're into thumbs(?) but perhaps more importantly (and upsetting) I have been ordered not to use my left hand for eleven days and that it why you will find this article has been cut and pasted on all my blogs :O)