Saturday, 10 November 2012

New TAG Releases

The Assault Group have recently released quite a few beautifull sculpts for the Great Italian Wars (Found here) and to be honest they have me in a bit of confusion as to their status as use able miniatures for the Battle of Fornovo which is right on the cusp of the Late Medieval and Renaissance as wargaming periods. Of course 'periods' of history cannot be neatly deposited into such arbitrary brackets but it does have me thinking about the relative fashions kicking around at the time and thus the suitability of the TAG sculpts for my demo game.

The main body of miniatures are going to be from the Perry Miniatures European Armies and Wars of the Roses ranges of miniatures but as TAG fit so snugly size wise it would be a terrible shame if I couldn't use their miniatures to add flavour and variation to the (already very tasty!) Perry ranges.

I suppose I might have equally called this post "A Cry for Help!" as I'd be very interested in what you chaps think about mixing the miniatures together for Fornovo.

As usual, please feel free to chip in.


OK, no Spanish at Fornovo but very nice all the same!


  1. I'm not keen upon the majority of the TAG Spanish (which is no problem for you) but the Italians really are quite something and I think they'd give some excellent variation.

    I suggest maybe ordering a blister each of cavalry and infantry to see how they compare (and please post your findings). I found that the Spanish pike are very much on the lean side with height only made up to 28mm by a chunky base but that was some time ago and things may have been corrected so take the plunge i reckon and if they dont suit paint them up and put them on ebay!

    Best of luck, i've followed this with interest.


    1. Hi Stuart,

      I quite like the look of much of the Spanish range (although not much good for Fornovo), but I do agree that the Italian's have a better look to them. I'll be using some Elmeti (probably on Perry horses).

      There will be some painted miniatures up on the blog soon. I've had a lot on (understatement!) and it has held the project back a little.


  2. Go on - u know it makes sense - maybe do a trial 4-man base mixing up some TAG and Perry's ?

  3. There is some stuff on the way Roy- should be up on the old Blog in a month or so.... slow progress.