Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Battle of Fornovo & Partizan Buys

With The Other Partizan now gone and some beautifull games on display I am even more determined than before to put the Battle of Fornovo on as a display game as soon as I can. another plus is that after my hiatus due to illness I have almost completely caught up on my actual work, which is of course painting other peoples miniatures!

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OK, down to business, my Partizan buys pertaining to Fornovo were as follows:

Italian Carraccio

Now, a historical note, Carraccio's were not seen on the battlefield in Late 15thC Italy but the model is simply too wonderfull not to include and so will be taking it's place in the Italian camp in amongst The League of Venice's finest.

Priests and Papal Legates

And where would a Carraccio be without the priests and Papal legates? A must buy as far as I was concerned! They may be amongst the camp or more likely with the addition of some of the Wars of the Roses range watching the battle from a safe distance.

Condottiere  Captains and Generals

With the above models, again with the addition of other Parry Late 15thC mini's will be the backbone of the command vignettes created for the Italians. I have quite specific plans of what i want to do..... more on that when the time comes.

Italian Mounted Crossbowmen
I had already started converting my own mounted Crossbowmen when this pack appeared. "Damn it!", was my first remark but they are very Italian looking in their helmets and tabards and perfect for the job of some of the Italian Crossbowmen and Light Troops that crossed the river in an attempt to put pressure on the right flank of the French. They will without doubt be mixed with some of my conversions. Other conversion work being more suitable for the French.

Italian Sword and Shield Skirmishers

It may seem very strange to see shielded men on the battlefield as late as 1495 but there is evidence for these fellow fighting as skirmishers at Fornovo. In my research I have come across a source an invaluable source of contemporary Italian infantry shield designs that will really bring these miniatures to life.

Italian Handgunners

Many Italian city States were quite quick to take up firearms in contrast to the French, who often relied on the granted more powerfull than in the past, crossbows with a metal Lath (bowstave or if .you prefer, prod).

What I forgot to buy!!

You would think that all this would have been enough Late Medieval purchases for one show? No so! Below are the packs of mini's that in my excitement I somehow forgot to buy.

Italian Crossbowmen Skirmishing

These Crossbowmen will be intermingled with the screen of Handgunners and perhaps put together in more solid units as it has been proposed that they sometimes fought in this manner.

Italian Command

Well, somebody has to lead these villains!

What is on the Perry website and hopefully available soon if not now:

Stradiot Command and Stradiots

Stradiots were generally drawn from the Balkans. Originally though not exclusively Albanian, these troops were well known for their fierceness. They were employed by both the Italians and later the French.

At Fornovo, they formed part of the flanking force sent to the French right.


Even Italian soldiers carrying polearms would sometimes make use of the shield so these will come in handy as a very colourfull way of marking out some units as Italian.

Until a few days time,