Thursday, 13 September 2012

Uncovering Richard III

If you're at all interested in Medieval history and warfare you have probably heard about the Richard III dig and the hunt for his body?

If not read this:

If you'd like to know what Channel 4 have up their respective sleeves as regards Richard III's body then you really ought to read the following letter and check out the link under the text. The following letter was sent out as an e-mail to a chap who does a wonderfull Blog entitled, Army Royal. It is a well researched and studied look at what the Army of Henry VIII might have looked like. The painting is top notch as Stuart has a lovely free flowing style which I really like. in other words, thoroughly worth checking out! Do it now!


Dear Viewer,
As you previously contacted us regarding a programme on Richard III, we thought you might be interested to hear of the decision by Channel 4 to commission a programme due to the high volume of requests received.
For more information on the programme, please follow the link below:
Kind regards
Sandra Carter
Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries

Excited? Well, I for one am very intrigued.

Here's the link from the C4 website:

Enjoy the read,