Monday, 17 September 2012

Medieval Warfare Magazine and The Assault Group

The next issue of Medieval Warfare seems like a good one for the Great Italian Wars with articles such as, Vassilis Pergalias, 'Learning from the ancients - Machiavelli’s Art of War', Filippo Donvito, 'The Battle of Ravenna, 11 April 1512 - Storm of steel', Jean-Claude Brunner, 'Julius II’s 1512 presentation banners - The Pope’s gift to the Swiss' and Sidney E. Dean, 'The Battle of Marignano, 13-14 September 1515 - A blow to Swiss ambitions'. A veritable 'must have' if you're interested in the Great Italian Wars.

On a different subject, well OK now we're talking miniatures and not specifically history and warfare, I've just ordered from The Assault Group two packs of Italian Elmeti who will be backing up the Italian nobility:

Also a pack of Italian/Swiss Papal Guards who will be keeping the Clergy on the Carraccio safe and sound:

That's all for now, hopefully something painted next time :O)