Friday, 21 September 2012

Italian Armours and Deliveries From the Posty

The good news for today is that my order from the Perry's arrived....

1/ Stradiottoi Command
2/ Stradiottoi x2
3/ Italian Crossbows x2
4/Italian command x2
5/ Italian Heads
6/ Marching Liveried Billmen x2 (For WoR Tewkesbury)
7/ Marching Liveried Bowmen x2 (For WoR Tewkesbury)
8/ Plastic Horse Sprues x2

Quite  a little horde and that brings me up to date with all that I want thus far.


I've been skimming the net for typical Italian suits of White Harness circa 1495 (Ah ha! White Harness! That's the name my Wars of the Roses Blog needs!) and I've managed to come up with a few usefull pics but to be honest it wasn't really anything that I didn't already know. So, the call goes out to anyone who can provide me with links, books, references of any kind really that are a little outside the box, something that I may not have read about/seen...... any help will of course be very much appreciated!

Very Interesting Suite Indeed!