Monday, 24 September 2012

Stradiot Banner Advice Needed!

I think the title is pretty self explanatory. The Perry Stradiot Command pack comes with a great sculpt of a chap holding a banner which is just begging to be made into something special. My Stratiots for the Battle of Fornovo will be in Venetian service and with this in mind I've been delving into the net in an attempt to find an appropriate pic of the sort of banner they may have carried as they crossed the river with many of the other Italian Light Cavalry/Troops.

I've come up with something of a blank except for one pic of someone's army that is displaying the following, which for me is the banner of Venice itself :

The pic below from Camisado, a blog woth following IMHO:

Banner/Standard of Venice

Now, my question to all those in the know is, would the Stradiots have been granted the use of the Venetian Standard/Banner? Were they important enough? I do not know the answer so I'm looking for folk with a better knowledge of the subject to come to my rescue. Basically.... please help!??
On the sunnier side of things I did come up with some great pics that have come in very handy when it comes to painting the models up and also adding the odd conversion (mainly on the 'hats' as I'm not convinced that they would all be wearing the same clobber!

So, lots to be going on with and you shall see the results very soon- assuming of course, that someone kind out there is able to help me out with the banner problem :O)

Yeah, that was certainly a hint (and a half)! :O)