Thursday, 27 September 2012

Jean Poton de Xaintrailles

Jean Poton de Xaintrailles Interlude

This was a private commission for an American client. It is of course, at the title reveals, Jean Poton de Xaintrailles a bit of a giant of the Hundred Years War. Born sometime in the early 1390's in Gascony he was one of Jean d'Arc's Lieutenants and served Charles VII and was appointed Constable of France in 1454.

His military career saw him fighting at the Battle Cravant (1423), where he was captured, The Battle of Verneuil (1424),  and at the Seige of Orleans (1429) where he wounded. Following his capture at Cravant he was exchanged for John 'Bull' Talbot giving an indication of his status early on in his career. He also fought at some of the lesser know battles such as JargeauMeung-sur-LoireBeaugency and more famously at Patay He was also in command at the Siege of Compiegne.

Now the mini is it's way accross the Atlantic but I thought I ought to take some pics and add it to the blog as a bit of an 'interlude' as he was such an important figure in the 15thC and continued to command until the period where La Journee finishes and Gewalthaufen begins although this is by my own admission a bit of a grey area.

The miniature is from Front Rank and was a different experience to paint up say compared with Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses/European Armies range as there was much more surface area on this model to 'play' with. I found that this was especially the case on the armour. Don't get me wrong, Perry Miniatures produce the finest range of Late 15th Century miniatures available in my opinion, it's just that Front Rank are a lot chunkier and taller and therefore there is more to work with so's to speak.

Hope you enjoy the pics :O)