Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Horse if a Horse of Course of Course Unless You Have to Paint Loads of the Bleeders Part II !

Now then.... on to A Horse if a Horse of Course of Course Unless You Have to Paint Loads of the Bleeders Part II!

I have added the horse harness and the horses socks as well as the metal components of the tackle. all have been given two or three layers of quickly applied paint in keeping with painting then horses up quickly.

They are now beginning to take shape with only the decoration and the horse hair to ass which will be base coated and then dry brushed.

I'm quite happy with all of them with the exception of the model in the third picture. This could have done either with a darker wash or a couple of washes with the colour I chose. Obviously none of them are amazing works of art and they are certainly not something I would ever consider entering into a painting competition, but, the point is that they are acceptable enough to appear on the table top and with the addition of their respective Stradiots they will really look the part.

All the characters (and there are plenty of them!) that will be taking the field at Fornovo will be on mounts that are painted in my normal manner such as that of the Duke of Mantua's horse below which is being worked on as part of a vignette that will appear in the game. 



  1. Nice work Darrell, I like the grey/white rearing horse, I guess he's going to be in water, or did he stuck down the hole on the M2 motorway??

    1. Ray, it's from the Commemorative Richard III mini that Michael Perry did of Richard III when they discovered his body in the car park.

      It's not the same model as on their website! It's the second i've painted up thus far!


  2. Lovely paintjobs. Being faced with a dozen horses (especially miniatures ones) is quite daunting but it is rewarding to see them completed.

    Looking forward to seeing the Duke of Mantua's figures completed.

  3. Great job, I like this, especially the last one!