Saturday, 5 July 2014

Battle of San Romano, Large Illustrative Pics- Well Worth Viewing!!


I recently came across some very detailed and large (for the net) pictures of then Battle of San Roman 1432. although they were painted much later in the style of the 1450's (In my opinion- they are supposed to have been commissioned somewhere between 1435-1460 but the armour styles are more fitting for the 1450's) they still give an extremely evocative picture of Late Condottiere Warfare in Italy.
To quote Wikipedia:

You will have to excuse the overlap but I wanted the pictures of the painting to be as large as possible so that you can take in the breathtaking detail.



  1. Absolutely beautiful - amazing how many nuances they've managed, especially impressed by the armors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah! These bring back memories. First I started converting Britians plastic War of the Roses figures [1/32]; then Minifigs [1/72]...Now of course, we've got the Perry's plastics

  3. Fantastic pictures Darrell!

  4. As an art student I went on a quest to see all of these pieces. There was one in the British museum, one in the Louvre, and one in the Uffizzi. I saw them all, and bought postcards from each museum which are framed as the triptych and hanging on my wall. If I remember correctly, These were originally commissioned as tapestries, but they ( the Medicis?) decided instead for Paulo Uccello to make them into frescos. Really beautiful on so many levels.
    Thanks for the memories.