Saturday, 30 August 2014

They Arrived!! And I Couldn't help Myself So I......

Made some of them up at 5am this morning!! :>)

They are fab, very little by way of flash if any, small amount of filing to be done and you're ready to undercoat!

What's more, I bought three boxes which combined with the Perry plastic boxes and metals that I already own will last me a very long time and spread all across my Wars of the Roses, Burgundian, Italian League of Venice and (Early) Italian Wars French!! Can't lose really.

The free vignette is a fantastic rendition of a knight arming and reminds me very much of the vignette they did for Foundry many moons ago.

I took some very quick and very bad snaps below but will be taking some good ones with my camera later which I'll post here and on my Gewalthaufen Late 15thC Medieval Blog too.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Just a Quickie.....

I would not be doing good service to my Lord if I were not to show these:

As it says on the description of the first pic, useful for anything (in North West Europe) from 1450-1500. so many uses..... I wonder if Michael has sculpted any more packs to go with these? I'd love to see some with the archetypal Swiss Swords for example.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Medieval Warfare, The Burgundian Wars Vol 4, Issue 4

Just a quickie this time (More tea Vicar?..... maybe not!). I'm utterly run off my feet so I've just got time to say that this months Medieval Warfare, The Burgundian Wars has just been bought by yours truly (alas not read as of yet!) and as the title obviously suggests this issue concentrates on the exploits of Charles the Bold and his army fighting the Swiss Confederacy. a bit of a tea break post I'm afraid..... still, a must have for anyone interested in Late 15thC warfare!!

As I say, I haven't had the time to indulge myself in the contents so it would be rather silly of me to talk about the articles other than to leave a brief list of what you can expect:


Je La Emperin- Historical intro.

"The First True Infantry"- The Swiss army in the Burgundian Wars

Forming a Burgundian Lance- Tactical composition and structure of the smallest tactical unit in Charles' army.

Fools Rush In- Siege of Nuess

The Battle of Grandson- Burgundian Blunder at Concise

The Mace- Specifically for attacking armoured opponents.

Bernese at Morat- A documentation of the Bernese at the Battle of Morat.

Battle of Nancy- I won't spoil it for you if you don't already know!

The usual other stuff including two more articles not related to the Burgundian Wars.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I Have Only This to Say, They're Here! (Well almost!!)

OK, this speaks for itself:

The vignette of the noble being helped on with his armour is an absolutely beautiful pieces of sculpting and reminds me of the vignette set a century earlier that the Perry's did for Foundry. I will of course be buying three boxes (that will keep my busy for a long time, but will allow me to construct Nobles for all my Late 15thC armies, English, Italian and French. I may as well add Burgundians too now!!) 

Can't wait to get my mittens on these at the end of the month!


Friday, 1 August 2014

New Early Hundred Years War Sculpts from Claymore Castings

Something caught my eye the other day. It was the new sculpts for the Early Hundred Years War (known at the time as the French War) from Claymore Castings! They are sculpted by Matthew Bickley and they really do look great. I have been informed that those pics below are not finished sculpts, there is a little work to do on one of the crossbowmen for example, but they are sharp, crisp and well defined. Nice and dynamic too.

Also, Paul Hicks will be continuing with the Battle of Otterburn range. Of courrse the miniatures from both the Early hundred Years War and the Battle of Otterburn ranges can be used in practically any European conflicts based on their time periods. I'm thinking of using some of the Otterburn range as Teutonics for example.

Overall? Very impressed!

Here's the pics (borrowed from David of Saxon Dog Blog fame- you can of course read more on David's Blog).