Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Horse if a Horse of Course of Course Unless You Have to Paint Loads of the Bleeders Part I!

OK, first of the 'rejuvenated me' Battle of Fornovo posts coming up right now.

In between pain ting stuff for others I've made time for myself to get some painting done. It's been more of a necessity as my painting was flagging in all areas, partly down to a serious health condition and partly down to a lack of any kind of impetus to paint due to the hobby becoming a job and not a pleasure. It's a long story and i won't bore you with the details!

So, in taking on Fornovo I quickly came to the realisation that I was going to have a hell of a lot of cavalry to paint up and my normal method of painting horses just wasn't going to suffice. Then I remembered having a conversation with Darren from Gripping Beast touching on the same problem that they had when they did their huge Battle of Zama Demo Game quite a few years back. He divulged a method of painting horses in order to get the miniatures on the table top ASAP, something that I did try with my Early Byzantine Army (Now sadly sold, but it has gone to a very good home and couldn't have been better received by the owner) and it worked very well.

So, in summary this is how you go about doing it.....

Painting Horses for the Tabletop ASAP Part I

Right, let us get down to it. 

In the pics above all the horses have been given a base coat of various different shades of brown and then been dry brushed with several layers of paint in order to emphasise the higher points on the horseflesh. Up to this point it all is nice and simple as it is in most of the article. They look very messy at the moment, at least by my standards, but everything will be tidies up as we progress. 

Again, in the above, I have applied various washes by Citadel to the horses and allowed them to dry. This can just as well be done with thinned down paint but I like the washes for their relatively matt finish and find them very easy to control, something that's not always possible with a paint wash unless you add Flow Improver and sometimes a retarder to control the paint. As much as it pains me I do recommend the GW Citadel paints and washes. They are a vast improvement on their last range! 

You will see that the washes have already started to unify the appearance of the models and tone down the dry brushing to create a smoother finish.

In part two of A Horse if a Horse of Course of Course Unless You Have to Paint Loads of the Bleeders Part I!  I'll be concentrating on adding socks to some of the horseflesh, dealing with the horsehair and the horse harness and decoration. should be very soon.

Pip! Pip!