Thursday, 13 March 2014

Gonzaga Crossing the River Taro Vignette II

Anyone remember these:

Well, rewind a year or so ago to my decision to do the Battle of Fornovo as a demo game for the Lance and Longbow Society and there you have it. The project lay dormant for a while due to serious illness but as it has now been resurrected I thought I'd show you where it's at at present. One of the things I have found most difficult about the research has been from the heraldic angle. There just doesn't seem to be that much information about concerning the various French and Italian protagonists. I have now managed to glean enough information to make the game look the part and have started work on various units. The one thing that I wanted to get done first was the original vignette that inspired me to start the project.  

Gonzaga of Mantua Crossing the river Taro (Osprey Campaign Series)

I have been doing some experimenting with some test pieces in order to get an idea of what sort of colour the river would look like and how well Vallejo Water Texture could be manipulated to get the right sort of look necessary for men and horses crossing a river at flood. The pieces below illustrate this but I'm not happy with the colour, I will be using a browny grey colour- possibly in streaks and I need to figure a way to make some decent splashes around the horses and men. I reckon a bit of fine sand added and painted white like foam prior to adding the Water Texture. 

Finally all the mini's are painted and ready for placing into the scene. I went for Black and Yellow (Gold) stripes for his livery as this is labelled on his heraldic banner and is a possible clue. The first three mini's below all bear his livery.

As for Gonzaga himself, I used the Richard III mini and horse from the Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses range of Commemoration of Richard III (bursting out of the car park!). A great piece, bursting with humour, that I painted up for Michael in fact

OK then. Next time you read this there will be the lots of pics and commentary on the completed vignette.