Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Medieval Warfare, The Burgundian Wars Vol 4, Issue 4

Just a quickie this time (More tea Vicar?..... maybe not!). I'm utterly run off my feet so I've just got time to say that this months Medieval Warfare, The Burgundian Wars has just been bought by yours truly (alas not read as of yet!) and as the title obviously suggests this issue concentrates on the exploits of Charles the Bold and his army fighting the Swiss Confederacy. a bit of a tea break post I'm afraid..... still, a must have for anyone interested in Late 15thC warfare!!

As I say, I haven't had the time to indulge myself in the contents so it would be rather silly of me to talk about the articles other than to leave a brief list of what you can expect:


Je La Emperin- Historical intro.

"The First True Infantry"- The Swiss army in the Burgundian Wars

Forming a Burgundian Lance- Tactical composition and structure of the smallest tactical unit in Charles' army.

Fools Rush In- Siege of Nuess

The Battle of Grandson- Burgundian Blunder at Concise

The Mace- Specifically for attacking armoured opponents.

Bernese at Morat- A documentation of the Bernese at the Battle of Morat.

Battle of Nancy- I won't spoil it for you if you don't already know!

The usual other stuff including two more articles not related to the Burgundian Wars.