Friday, 11 September 2015

Quick Photo Session; Gonzaga Crossing the river Taro

Fornovo was a big passion of mine. It lies on the artificial front of the so called end of the High Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance. A romantic period if there ever was one though not romantic in terms of the vicious warfare of the time! The Fornovo project of mine didn't really take off (except for the Gonzga Crossing the River Taro vignette and a few conversions is about as far as my Fornovo project got (as I got seriously bogged down with the lack of heraldic sources sadly).

It did give me an excuse to get out some of  the Durham club's excellent terrain and set it up nicely for some shots of the Gonzaga vignette for Wargames soldiers and Strategy and their next issue. I think i might have taken the editor Guy, a very lovely chap, aback with the speed that the pics were taken and sent back to him, all being within a few hours since the request.

I cannot show you one of the[pictures taken last evening but I can post  a few close ups on the piece taken a while ago just so you have an idea of what to expect:

Bye for now

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Urgently Wanted; 4th/5th Edition Bretonnians for Bodkin's Second Day Out Demo Game!

Hi guys and gals,

I'm urgently in need of the following 4th or 5th Edition Bretonnian models, I forgot which edition they actually were(?).

They are for the next Bodkin's Day Out in Terms of Demo Games so they will be well used and will not be sold on to make petty profit! I cannot reveal the name of the battle nor am I able to confirm any ideas you guys and gals may have. you'll have to wait and see. It will almost certainly be at Partizan next year and will be a real sight to behold just as the last game was which was held at The Other Partizan to be held at Kelham Hall.

Pics of the game can be seen HERE!

Here are the pics of the miniatures I'm looking for. I don't mind paying for them at all but I'm not going to pay silly amounts of money for the mini's. I hope I don't sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet too much but it should be enough to know that they are going to be painted up and be taking their rightful place in as beautiful game that Dave Andrews, David Imrie, Simon Chick, Matthew Bickley, Andrew Taylor and myself can ,manage.

Here they are:

Thanks for reading folks.

Monday, 7 September 2015

The Bodkins First Outing at The Other Partizan: Berne, Baby Berne!

I was about five or ten minutes late and had to rush through to the front of the Que past lots of cross looking wargamers to get into the hall on time for the start of the game. What a sight there was to behold! I knew that a Swiss Burgundian affair with it's massed Swiss pikes and supporting troops scraping with the exquisitely decked out Burgundian army of Charles the Bold was going to be a great beautiful looking game but nothing could have prepared me for the sight that was to greet me as I walked up to the game!

For once I don't really feel like I have to say very much at all, the images will do all the talking for me. I would like to heartily thank Dave Andrews, David Imrie and Simon Chick for painting up such beautiful looking armies! To say they were beautifully painted is in fact to do them an injustice and no images of the mini's will ever capture the magic of actually seeing them in the flesh! I'd also ;like to thank Jack Glanville who kept us straight on the rules- we would have been somewhat lost without him as David and I seem to have collectively forgotten how to play a rule set that we played quite a lot of when I was at the Edinburgh club a few years ago.

This was The Bodkins first outing and the Berne, Baby Berne did not disappoint! The next game we will be showcasing will not be revealed until very near the time but it is scheduled for Partizan in it's new premises next year.

Now then, onto the lusciousness that was the game:

I think that's enough eye candy to be going on with for now! Tomorrow there will be more from Partizan.

Bye for now.