Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gonzaga; A Lot Less Pissed Off ;>)


I apologise in advance for my rant! A month or so ago, whilst still trying to work within the cramped confines of the small space that I had at my folks house, post relationship break up I was asked if I could provide Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine with pics of the Gonzaga Crossing the River Taro vignette painted up by me a few years ago and featured on my Gewalthaufen Blog HERE . It's credited in the mag as belonging to the collection of Kevin Lowth- which of course it does not as it resides in my wargames cabinet!!

Surely it doesn't take too much of an effort for an editor of a wargames magazine to take note of who it is that has contributed to an issue and credit them with a small note next to the pic? I make a living out of painting and for me that is an essential part of the deal. Lets face it, without the painters out there who make the contributions (for free in my case!) there would not be a wargames media to speak of at all.

It has not just happened the once either.

Purely for my own satisfaction, here are the pics again:

Bye for now.