Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Gaston de Foix, Count of Nemours Command Vignette Composition

With the Ravenna game at the back of my mind as I rapidly (OK, sort of rapidly) plough my way through the minatures for the Hastings game I've found myself messing around with the composition of what will be the main command base; Gaston de Foix, Count of Nemours who of course led the French army at Ravenna during The War of the League of Cambrai.

A commander noted for his brilliance in directing the campaign that would ultimately lead up to Battle of Ravenna and defeat of the Holy League army lead by Ramon de Cardona.

I've been trying to decide whether or not to include The Assault Group Imperial guards, who make for very good French Guards in terms of their dress, or leave them out entirely and possibly include another heraldic banner? Perhaps the Royal Banner of France? The Landsckecht type chap holding Gaston's personal banner (from Warlord/ ex Pro Gloria) obviously has a very 'German' sense of style but this I'm not too worried about as national styles and fashions, although undoubtedly varied were open to influence by other nations. Perhaps The Assault Group will do some Early 16th Century French? That is something that I will have to remember to ask Pete about.

I'll be adding a horse holder which will likely be converted following the excellent advice of Stuart in his Army Royal Blog

If you're of a mind to, then please let me know what you think of the composition. do the Guards go? Or do they stay?

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Foundry/Artizan Landsknecht Conversions and Head Swaps

Recently I took delivery a modest ;>) order from Wargames Foundry for all the Landsknecht models that I would need for Jacob Empser's troops at Ravenna. This actually comes to 9 bases each that will have at least 8 Landsknechts to make up the numbers of the pikes. I want them based closer together as I was in a good position at Partizan to compare some Late Medieval Swiss based up in a looser formation and also based up in a tighter formation. Although both methods looked spectacular (amazing would be closer to the mark) I was of the opinion that to get the feel of the press in a pike block it would be necessary to base the mini's in a very tight formation. Thus I made a second order to Foundry which arrived very quickly.

I set out the bases on a flat surface, got out the Blue Tak and popped more than a few onto their respective bases to see what it would look like. It looked the part so I am now satisfied that the pike block will have the visual appeal that I was after.

In between bouts of painting for the Battle of Hastings Demo that I have planned for Salute I have e=been painting up a small retinue for Lion Rampant as part of our club's Haggis Rampant Campaign I have been playing around with some of the Dopplensoldners as there are only two official versions and I wanted to create a few more. In the end I opted for some simple head swaps and conversions, which proved to be a little more complicated than i had anticipated due to the variation in collars on the models. You can see the results below. I was also lucky enough for Foundry to pop in a few of their superb unreleased models one of which was a swordsman (again, pics below). The other is being saved for a Gaston de Foix vignette with Gaston being in overall command at Ravenna.

I'd certainly be interested in hearing about what you guys think about the head swaps and conversion work. Does it look convincing?

Here are the results:

Artizan Designs Body and Foundry Head Swap:

Splendid Looking Unreleased Foundry Dopplensoldner:

Foundry Head Swap (right), (I've attached his Feathered Cap to his back and a strap holding it in place) as seen below:

Now all I have to do is muster the strength to not paint them up and concentrate on the Hastings Demo as far as brushwork goes! 

I will continue to do conversions and more putty work for an hour or two a day to keep my eye in and (hopefully) get better at pushing the ProCreate.

Bye for now.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


Don't you just love it? Cleaning mini's that is of course. It has to be the most mundane part of the hobby.

Cleaned up six Dopplensoldner's and an Artizan model too and did a quick head swap with a Wargames Foundry mini.

Here's a very quick snap of the results:

I'm not too sure about the figure as the head seems a wee bit on the small side compared to the torso(?). What do you guys think?

He also seems to have a bit of ProCreate on his face that I will remove anon!

Now then, back to the painting of the rest of the Haggis Rampant force! For details see La Journee Blog HERE 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Foundry Landsknechts Order Arrived! Battle of Ravanna

OK, so the following arrived in the post two days ago. I'm more than a little excited about this as I can now start to construct the first pike block which will be lead by Jacob Empser.

If anyone has any heraldic information regarding Empser I'd love to hear about it (?).

I'm going to construct the Doppelsoldner  for the block first of all, which will remain without bases as they will be added to the front ranks and sides of the first three bases of pikemen. The first base of pike will be 120mm long by 60mm wide and will display at least 8 miniatures with the attacking poses given space by the length of the base. This allows not only for the addition of the Dopplensoldner's but also a few casualties that I have on order from Warlord Games among quite a few of the more characterful 'vignettes' from their range.

The actual pike block will have the following:

3 x 60mm bases each of four aquabusiers
3 x 120mm x60mm eight pike (including characters and Dopplensoldners)- in attacking poses
3 x 60mm x 60mm bases of eight pike in advancing poses.
3 x 60mm x 60mm of eight pike in standing poses (including the banners of the various Fahnleins)
3 x 60mm x 60mm of eight pike in standing poses.

I've also got three guns which I'll be adding more to at a later days, if I can resist painting them up immediately!

All of the above should accurately reflect the Jacon Empser's Landskechts for Ravenna.

Oh, I've also got a pile of Spanish on the way from The Assault Group! Don't bite off more than you can chew Darrell!!

Here's what's arrived- I've put another order in for more advancing and attacking mini's in order to complete the number and poses necessary.












That ought to be enough to keep me busy for a while! Along with the Hastings demo for Salute next year too!!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ravenna Project Announced

Clue I: You chaps got me- yes it's going to be Ravenna :>)

I've just put in two rather large orders to Foundry and The Assault Group in order to begin the process of collecting the mini's for the game. I've still got a many more to collect as I'm thinking of doubling the sizes of the units but that's something that I'm deliberating on at present as I don't want the table top to be utterly cluttered with miniatures but on the other hand I do want the game to be striking. Lots of planning to be done.

I will be posting up some units almost immediately but I do have the painting work for the Hastings demo to consider as well and that will take me up to Salute 2016 so the work won't begin in earnest until after that date. In the meantime as I say, there will be the odd unit appearing and maybe some conversions; very much inspired by the brilliant work of Stuart on his amazing Army Royal Blog.


Bye for now.