Saturday, 19 December 2015


Don't you just love it? Cleaning mini's that is of course. It has to be the most mundane part of the hobby.

Cleaned up six Dopplensoldner's and an Artizan model too and did a quick head swap with a Wargames Foundry mini.

Here's a very quick snap of the results:

I'm not too sure about the figure as the head seems a wee bit on the small side compared to the torso(?). What do you guys think?

He also seems to have a bit of ProCreate on his face that I will remove anon!

Now then, back to the painting of the rest of the Haggis Rampant force! For details see La Journee Blog HERE 


  1. Well, maybe a teeny, weeny bit, but you'll not notice anything once the paint's on. I think it's the hat more than the head, if you know what I mean.

  2. I hadn't noticed the head until I read the text. On reflection I think it may look more normal than the dimensions of most minis.

    Besides if anyone noticed, he simply has a large chest from carrying and swinging that sword.


  3. Yeah, a good splash of colour usually does the job.... fingers crossed :>)

  4. I think rct75001 has it right - only (maybe) looks (fractionally) small compared to the oversize cartoons that are the norm. I'm looking forward to seeing these painted up.

    1. Thanks Midlander65. I've got a couple of simple Foundry head swaps to do for a couple of duplicate Dopplensoldner's that carry greatswords (which of course was not the norm as various weapons would have been used by the Dopplensoldner's).


  5. That model fits the billing for a Templar in Frostgrave! Nice one, North Star. All those promotional messages have worked after all, and Darrell's starting his own Warband ;)

  6. I find the cleaning up thing quite relaxing - don't aren't a fan of untying twisted swords :-)

    Head looks good to me