Monday, 23 February 2015

Sneak Peek, Perry Miniatures, Late 15th Century Mounted Light Cavalry 1450-1500

Funny really, just as I was thinking of doing my Late Med. Lion Rampant project up pops the latest from the Perry Miniatures Facebook Page... and how lovely they are too!

I will of course be buying many of these as they will fulfil the role as Counted Crossbowmen, Archers and Scurrers as well as French 'Archers' etc etc, they come with an array of appendages which include arms for Mounted Archers (complete with canvas bag of arrows), Mounted Crossbowmen and an assortment of melee weapons ideal for Scurrors or to add to a Lance as back up!

Lovely paint jobs and a great view of the sprue.

Keep drooling and bye for now.

As if I Didn't Have Enough to be Going on With.......

........ The long awaited Lion Rampant from Osprey Books, authored by award winning Dan Mersey (which ordered nearly a month ago from an Amazon supplier!) landed on my doorstep this fine afternoon! I immediately picked up the book and, as I normally do, I skipped my way through the literature and concentrated on the war gamers porn!! Painters have a serious habit of doing this when reading lovely glossy rulebooks lavishly illustrated with painted mini's. Well, it's only proper ain't it?

It's the first time I've actually seen a copy on the book due to my stint out of the hobby and it showed me what all the fuss was about in short order. I've read an enormous amount about the book on various fora plus extra rules that can be included for later 15th Century games (which is what I plan on doing- more in a sec.) and on the Dux Rampant Forum, which comes highly recommended as a resource as you have direct contact with the author as well as others who know their stuff (hopefully like me!).

I've been meaning to get my Late 15th Century armies off to a start but other interests as well as illness have conspired to slow me down on my output. I've decided that it will probably be something along the lines of the Wars of the Roses, War of the Public Weal, The Burgundian Wars or even the Italian Wars..... or all four! But one at a time. If my hiatus from the hobby has taught me anything it is not to spread my resources too thinly! It also gives me a great chance to get some of huge Perry Miniatures lead pile reduced and as the game is what I would describe as being on a skirmish level a perfect reason to get some of their lovely extravagant wagons painted up too. even some siege machinery may not go amiss as the breaking of a siege would make a great scenario.

So, onwards and upwards as they say. Next time you read this you will have something other to look at than this pics, interesting and useful as it is, of an Archers kit!

Bye for now.