Saturday, 5 September 2015

Help with Flodden Heraldry, Banners and Standards Needed!!

Hi all,

I'm already planning ahead to 2017 and Salute and inspired at the pace that my Hastings Demo is coming along (for Salute 2016) I've decided upon putting together a big Battle of Flodden game.

This is a project that I've always had in mind as there was a nice contrast between the mainly pike armed Scots and the (still Late Medieval army of the English. with my research not turning up very much for the Battle of Fornovo in terms of heraldry, thus the project has been put on the backburner, I thought it wise to ask you all about sources for heraldry at The Battle of Flodden prior to making the final commitment. I noticed that Ray at the (infamous! LOL) Don't Throw a One! Blog has a lot of info on the standards and banners used and i was hoping that you guys out there could help me out with more info?

I've noticed that there is no one reference on the heraldry used by wither side during the battle or am I mistaken?

If anyone can help me out in this matter I would be very appreciative.