Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ravenna Project Announced

Clue I: You chaps got me- yes it's going to be Ravenna :>)

I've just put in two rather large orders to Foundry and The Assault Group in order to begin the process of collecting the mini's for the game. I've still got a many more to collect as I'm thinking of doubling the sizes of the units but that's something that I'm deliberating on at present as I don't want the table top to be utterly cluttered with miniatures but on the other hand I do want the game to be striking. Lots of planning to be done.

I will be posting up some units almost immediately but I do have the painting work for the Hastings demo to consider as well and that will take me up to Salute 2016 so the work won't begin in earnest until after that date. In the meantime as I say, there will be the odd unit appearing and maybe some conversions; very much inspired by the brilliant work of Stuart on his amazing Army Royal Blog.


Bye for now.