Saturday, 2 November 2019

New Steel Fist Late Medieval Men at Arms

I was gawping rather randomly flicking through Facebook, as one sometimes does, and I came across the latest releases from Steel Fist on (surprisingly) the Steel Fist Miniatures which is HERE!

For me these mini's are ideal for Italian Men at Arms for Fornovo as their armours are certainly of Italian (and Spanish) fabrication. They will certainly not look out of place among Gonzaga's men as he leads that futile charge across the River Taro.

I'll let Simon do the talking.....

"We're pleased to release new figures for our Late Medieval range.
These are available in our website shop.
There are 3 new packs of mounted men at arms, wearing armour circa 1470-1500. The style of arms and helmets are typical of Italian and Iberian mounted men at arms for this period, however as much armour was made for export they'll not look out of place in any Western European army. They're suitable for French and Italians at the start of the Italian Wars.

All figures carry heavy lances and are supplied with separate heads, allowing them to be swapped with other figures, and are mounted on unarmoured horses."

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